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Why to register to add the review or the rating?

It is one of our rules we believe helps to get real users reviews and rating. If you are visiting the Zoo and would like to share your opinion about certain forex broker, register your vote, it makes it more valuable and takes less than a minute.

Why my review was not approved?

There are few reasons, you probably breached our review and rating rules. You can read the rules here. Please make sure that you follow them and resubmit your review. If all is fine we will be happy to publish your word.

Can I post more than one review for the same forex broker?

You can post another comment (if it is different or updated) but you can’t rate the broker more than once.

We don’t accept multiple comments on the same subject, for the same forex broker, posted within a short period of time.

Is your site free or there are any paid services?

The Zoo is free and will always be. We do not have any extra paid services. The purpose of the site is to help the traders to make the right choice so they can trade with the broker that works for the traders, not other way around.

What is a Collection and how it works?

The collection is a type of folder (named by you e.g. “My UK Brokers”) that you can create in your account and add your favorite forex brokers into it. This feature can help you keep the brokers you want to follow in more organized manner.

Can I follow the other users and send them messages?

No, you cannot. We are not a social network.

Why should I trust your rating and reviews?

We use advanced algorithm detecting multiple and fake reviews. We hope you understand that to keep the Zoo “fake reviews free” we can’t share more details about that. But we can assure you that we do have zero-tolerance policy re fake reviews.

Can you recommend forex broker for me?

We prefer not to do so. But if you already selected your broker and you would like to know our opinion about them please let us know. We also encourage you to check the other traders’ opinions by checking brokers reviews and their rating on our site.

Are you getting paid by forex brokers?

We are an affiliate website so the only money we get from forex brokers coming from traders we referred to them. We do not get paid for reviews, rating, position on the website. Also, as you can see we are “ads/banners free”.

How can I get our company listed in the Zoo?

If you are forex broker representative you are more than welcome to contact us by using our contact form.

Please note that at this moment we do not accept other than forex broker listings.