Is Forex a scam? I recently learnt about the Forex. I shared my new interest with my friends and came across a lot of negativity.They all think it is a scam and advise me against getting involved.

To keep it simple:
Forex is not a scam. It is an asset class and the part of the portfolio of many best traders in the world.
Some brokers will definitely try to scam you so trade only with reputable broker.
The game of Markets is a difficult one, no questions here!
Many tried and failed miserably.
That is why you may experience many scary stories and negativity related with trading in general.

By the end of the day it is the challenge and you simply (statistically) need to outsmart 95 opponents out of 100 to become the forex Trader.
Walk in the park!
Do not get discourage by negativity, do not discouraged by whatever. Learn, practice and eventually you will get there!
Share with people only your failures and mistakes! Make a laughing stock of yourself! It will help you correcting them and avoiding them in future.