What return should I expect? 15%? 200%?

Trying to figure out the return for the next 12 months(250 trading days) one should compare the return of the system for as many previous periods as possible.
Check the equity at risk for the previous periods and performance. If all variables stay the same expect the same results. But only if system is fully automated.If operator is involved: The Game becomes adventure. Prediction: Difficult.

There is no formula predicting your performance forward. It is trading itself showing how good operator you are which lets you draw some prediction for the next 12 months.

Just a reminder of how strong the compound interests are .
250 consecutive days making 1% a day on the equity with withdrawing profits daily= 250% ROI
250 consecutive days making 1% a day with reinvesting profits daily 1115% ROI
‘ Progress, not perfection’